Our team is hyper focused on advanced prehospital training through cadaveric logistical support and technology integration.

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The life or death of a wounded person is most often in the hands of the team that provides initial care. Our goal is to help ensure that front-line critical care teams are tested, trained, and ready to save lives.

We've helped train:
Military Medics | Law Enforcement Medics | Emergency Medical Technicians | Paramedics | Fire Fighters | Flight Nurses | Physician Assistants | Respiratory Therapists | Trauma Surgeons

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What We Do

We have the expertise to help people save lives.

Bio-Skills Lab

We provide expertly perfused cadavers to be used for medical training at our 6 table lab in Denver, Colorado. Contact us for lab and classroom availability.


We use a collection of technologies and tactics to enhance medical education services.

Field Expedient Lab

We support full lifecycle support of enhanced human cadavers to be used for medical training in table-top and field operational environments.

Tactical Advisor Team

We proudly work with Level One Trauma Medics and Advanced Tactical Paramedics/Special Operations Combat Medics (ATP/SOCM). Contact us to design a course.

Link to Learn's


Link to Learn's Realistic Enhanced Augmented Learning eXperience (REAL-X) improves Tactical Combat Casualty Care Training
through hands-on cadaveric skills practice combined with Augmented Reality
in a mobile and interactive learning lab.

Improved Instruction

Instructors enhance pre-op instruction with anatomical holograms that illustrate underlying tissue structures.

Improved Learning

Students triage realistic symptoms and injuries overlaid on the cadaver model and controlled by the instructor.

Mobile Lab & Instructors

Skilled instructors, expertly preserved cadavers, and REAL-X technology system are deployable to any location in the US.

Performance Data

Skills Performance Metrics help quantify both individual and broad-scale improvement and readiness.

Meet Our Team

John Chapman


As a former Force Reconnaissance Marine, John deployed to 7 operational theaters in support of national strategic objectives. Having lost friends and colleagues in the line of duty, John has an intimate knowledge of the impact limited access to resources and advanced training can have on the battlefield. John is intensely focused and driven to overcome the educational and training challenges that directly affect the quality of medical care provided to wounded warriors. Providing access to quality advanced training resources and cadre of instructors to increase battlefield survival rates is always in his crosshairs.

Lauren Lipchak

Vice President

Lauren brings over 20 years of medical experience to our team. She began her career as a clinical provider in neurosurgery and completed her trauma nursing internship at Johns Hopkins. After losing her father, who was an Air Force Veteran, to brain cancer she knew her passion for research had a higher purpose. As a Certified Tissue Banking Specialist and trained Anatomist, with a special interest in neuropathology, Lauren has performed hundreds of recoveries for researchers across the country, including DoD’s blast related TBI brain study. Provides input to strategic and operational planning. Responsible for quality improvement initiatives, and execution of strategies to ensure that end user needs are met in a cost-effective manner.

Sam Peterson

Chief Operations Officer

As a former Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team Leader Sam has deployed to Afghanistan three times in support of national strategic objectives. Having received high level medical training prior to each of his deployments Sam is intimately familiar with the medical training skills gap that exists within the armed forces. Sam brings five years of start-up experience to the team as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience related to scaling businesses. His additional experience as a military trainer has prepared him to assist in curriculum development and deployment.

Allison Lanz

Program Manager

Allison Lanz manages the delivery of Augmented Reality projects on-time and on-budget with a background in medicine. She brings years of experience cultivating strong relationships both agency-side and product-side, and has shipped many projects across multiple AR & VR platforms.

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